How often should I service my Urban Arrow and what does a service cost?

Enjoy your 'smooth ride' Urban Arrow even longer by regularly servicing it. A regular service is a must if you want to keep your warranty and prevent small defects on your bike from causing permanent damage. Therefore, schedule a service at least once a year, but a six-monthly check is best. Preferably shortly before and after winter. In the coldest months of the year, streets are regularly sprinkled with brine. This makes roads a lot safer, but unfortunately it is very harmful for your Urban Arrow. Do you cycle a lot of kilometres? Then schedule a service every 3,000 kilometres.

What you pay for a regular service depends on your dealer, type of cargo bike, the maintenance that needs to be done and of course how well you maintain it yourself. The dealer often charges an hourly rate for a service plus the cost of any replacement parts.