With which insurers can I insure my Urban Arrow 'Connected' and what are the benefits? Where can I insure my Urban Arrow best?

Unfortunately, our bikes are not only loved by users, but also by bike thieves. With Urban Arrow Connected GPS+, you are assured of optimal protection*. So you are protected against theft and always connected to your bike. 

With a Connected bike insurance you get the most out of the Urban Arrow Connected module. Specially developed in cooperation with the largest bicycle insurers in the Netherlands and Belgium. Depending on the insurer, you receive 24/7 breakdown assistance, recall service and premium benefits. Affiliated Connected insurers are:

  • ANWB/Unigarant (NL)
  • Kingpolis (NL)
  • ENRA (NL+BE)

Ask your dealer about the benefits and package composition per insurer. The exact benefits may differ per insurer. We are in close cooperation with insurers and have built our module to meet insurance requirements.  

Recently, confusion arose in the media about insuring Urban Arrow cargo bikes. Do you have an Urban Arrow cargo bike with a connectivity solution such as the Urban Arrow Connected GPS+ module? If so, you can insure your cargo bike at all times.

* The Urban Arrow Connected GPS+ module is available at all Urban Arrow dealers in the Netherlands and Belgium.