Why would I buy an Urban Arrow?

Have you tried different kinds of cargo bikes? At several Urban Arrow dealers, you can take test drives on different kinds of cargo bikes. You will quickly feel where your preference lies.

​​Urban Arrow has been the first Family Cargo bike with a streamlined and lightweight bike. After more than 10 years of producing electric cargo bikes, the Urban Arrow has been developed into a very reliable and low-maintenance (and therefore cost friendly) electric cargo bike.

We have opted for as few vulnerable parts as possible, such as no high maintenance suspension fork as we know it from other brands. The comfort of the Urban Arrow is provided by the thick Schwalbe 'Balloon' tires that absorb most shocks very well during the ride.

The disc brakes of Urban Arrows generally need a little more attention, but this was also deliberately chosen because it is the safest choice in countries with steep hills or mountains where Urban Arrows drive around. In addition to the increasingly busy traffic, the speed and the weight that is being transported. ​​The steering rod is robust and therefore requires little maintenance. Gears by means of the Enviolo hub and the reliable Bosch system as the motor. All in all, a fantastic cargo bike.