What range can I achieve with the Bosch eBike system?

The range of Bosch eBike batteries depends on numerous different factors. To achieve the highest possible range, consider the following:

Battery & temperature: With decreasing temperature, the performance of a battery is temporarily reduced because the electrical resistance increases. In winter, you can therefore expect a reduction in the normal range.

Cadence: Cadences of between 60-90 revolutions per minute are ideal. Starting & braking: As with a car, frequent starting and stopping is less economical than long distances at (almost) constant speed.

Gear shifting: Correct gear shifting also makes eBiking more efficient: A low gear should be used when starting and on inclines, followed by upshifts according to the terrain and speed.

Tyre pressure: In order to maximise the range, ride with the maximum permissible tyre pressure.

Weight: The mass should be minimised by keeping the total weight of the bicycle and luggage from being unnecessarily high.

You can find out what range you can achieve with your eBike using our range assistant.