What is the main difference between Urban Arrow and other cargo bike brands?

At Urban Arrow, we build top-of-the-line electric cargo bikes. We were the first to do it, actually. Needless to say, we’re crazy about them. After 10 years of exclusively producing cargo bikes, we have been able to develop into the most reliable and low-maintenance cargo bike brand. By working together with renowned partners as Bosch, Enviolo and Schwalbe, we can assure you of the highest quality possible. It is not for nothing that the Urban Arrow Family was voted Electric cargo bike of the year 2023 by the RAI Association! 

With an Urban Arrow cargo bike you are always assured of a smooth ride. Because of the lowered centre of gravity, you will enjoy a better handling and balance when using our cargo bikes.

Why an Urban Arrow Family?

The safest cargo bike. Thanks to the three-point seatbelts and the EPP box (more like a large inverted helmet) you can always safely take your smallest passengers and luggage with you. The sturdy handlebar and low-road handling give you all the stability and control you need. Manoeuvre between small roads or speed up on the bike lane. The Urban Arrow Family provides you optimal comfort and safety.

The most spacious cargo bike. The Urban Arrow Family cargo bike is also the most spacious of its kind! Due to its spacious box, the Urban Arrow Family cargo bike can effortlessly transport the whole family. Install a car seat or extra bench without losing valuable space. A fourth passenger or extra luggage? It can be mounted on the rear carrier with ease.

Always prepared on the go! With our wide range of accessories, you can fully customise your Family cargo bike. Protect your cargo with our rain- or suncover. Expand your bike potential with our extra bench, floor mat or rear carrier. In need of some theft protection? We've got you covered here too. With Urban Arrow Connected you are always connected to your bike. Ready for every ride. Wherever you are.

Why an Urban Arrow Shorty?

The most compact cargo bike. Don't let the small looks fool you. The Urban Arrow Shorty can carry quite a bit. With the extra floor in the EPP-box, you can transport goods both hidden and in plain sight. The optional lockable lid will protect your load against theft and rain.

The most manoeuvrable cargo bike. As compact as a regular city bike and with its electric assistance, you can manoeuvre with ease and ride smoothly to your destination. There will always be a parking spot available for the Urban Arrow Shorty.

The most versatile cargo bike. The Shorty makes it easy to move around town, no matter what you use the bike for. Whether you’re out walking your dog in the park or heading to the market for your groceries. You’ll get there quickly, be hugely manoeuvrable and have a surprising amount of volume.

Why an Urban Arrow cargo bike?

Our cargo bikes can carry up to 300 kg while having only a fraction of the size and footprint of an (electric) van. Cargo bikes have access to zero-emission zones and take shorter routes, making more stops per hour in the (inner) city. In addition, the Urban Arrow Cargo and Tender have the best TCO compared to alternative bike brands. When you sticker your cargo bike you literally and figuratively cycle your brand into town. When time is of the essence, the business cargo bike is the ideal solution for smart SMEs and larger companies alike! 

Be prepared for the future. Our electric transport bikes use up to 16 times less energy than an electric van. They have up to 20% shorter downtown routes and are able to make 33% more stops per hour for small and medium-sized deliveries. Park right at the curb and say goodbye to high parking fees and hassles. Start innovating your city logistics today.

An optimal fleet. The electric transport bike is the perfect addition to your fleet of transport solutions. Optimal for quick services, small parcel deliveries and flexibility. Combine the electric transport bike with other means of transport such as electric vans and light electric freight vehicles (LEFVs) and make your delivery network more dense.