I would like to buy a second hand Urban Arrow. How do I know it is not stolen?

When buying a second-hand Urban Arrow cargo bike, it is important to be careful and take some steps to ensure that the bike you have your eye on has not been stolen.

  • Ask for documentation such as purchase invoice, maintenance records and other relevant documentation. A legitimate seller should be able to share this information.
  • Check the serial number. Every Urban Arrow cargo bike has a unique frame number. Ask the seller for the frame number and check the national bike (theft) register (for the UK: https://www.bikeregister.com/bike-checker / for the US: https://bikeindex.org/) to see if the bike is listed as stolen.
  • Check the condition of the bike. Look carefully for signs of theft, such as damaged lock or a tampered frame number. If there are indications that the bike has been altered or damaged to disguise the theft, it does not mean much good.
  • Check the locks and ask if there are 2 keys with the ring lock. Our bikes are always equipped with Abus locks.
  • Ask about the origin of the bike. Ask the seller where they bought the bike and why they are selling it.

After going through these steps, do you still doubt whether the Urban Arrow bike has been stolen? Then get in touch with the police information number.