How does a Connected Urban Arrow work?


With Urban Arrow Connected you protect your Urban Arrow cargo bike against theft and get access to numerous smart features. In addition, with Urban Arrow Connected you can use the specially designed Connected bike insurance in cooperation with some insurers. These insurances offer 24/7 breakdown and recovery service. 

Connected Connected insurers are

- ANWB/Unigarant (NL)
- Kingpolis (NL)

Urban Arrow Connected consists of two parts. The physical Connected GPS+ module and the Urban Arrow App.

The Connected GPS+ module 

Thanks to the Connected GPS+ module hidden deep inside the cargo bike, you and your Urban Arrow are connected with GPS, Internet and Bluetooth. This module is built into your bike by the Urban Arrow dealer. The module is available for €399 in combination with a 4-year data subscription. After this period, the connectivity is optionally renewable annually. 

The Urban Arrow App

Is the Connected GPS+ module built in? Then download the Urban Arrow app on your smartphone. Then you make the link between the Connected GPS+ module and the Urban Arrow app. The Urban Arrow App is available for IOS and Android devices 

The main features of the app are:

  • Digitally lock your bike (Motion sensor alarm via App)
  • Track the live location of your bike
  • Real-time insight into battery percentages
  • The remaining range of your bike per assistance module
  • Insight into ride data / history 

In combination with the Connected insurance

  • Report theft
  • Insurer's investigation service + recovery service
  • 24/7 Roadside assistance via the app 


Urban Arrow Connected can be fitted to all Urban Arrow Family and Shorty models from model year 2019 onwards, with the exception of the Urban Arrow Family Anniversary Edition. 


Urban Arrow Connected is available in the Netherlands and Belgium, with affiliated insurers.