How do I protect my battery on hot days (above 25°C/ 77°F) against the heat?

Protecting the battery of your electric (cargo) bike from hot temperatures is important, as extreme heat can cause your battery's range to deteriorate, or cause other damage to your precious battery. 

We would like to give you some more tips on how best to protect your battery during temperatures above 25°C/ 77°F:

  1. Do not leave the battery in the sun. If you park your bike, try to do so in the shade to avoid direct sunlight on the battery. Can't find a shady spot at that time? Then disconnect the battery from the bike and take it to a shady spot. This will allow the battery to cool down a little and avoid temperature damage.  
  2. Take the battery out. If you won't be using your bike for an extended period of time, such as during a heatwave, consider removing the battery and storing it indoors at room temperature. Heat can increase the internal temperature of the battery, which can shorten its life.
  3. Do not leave the battery fully discharged. It is a good idea not to drive the battery completely empty in high temperatures, as this can shorten its life. Try to recharge the battery when you are not using the bike, even if you have only travelled a short distance.
  4. Keep an eye on speed. Don't ride too fast in extreme temperatures, as this puts extra strain on the battery. Moderate your speed to put less strain on the battery and avoid overheating.

My battery has overheated, what now? 

If your bicycle battery has been left in the sun for too long, it can potentially overheat. This can sometimes be dangerous and create possible battery damage. If your battery feels too hot, make sure you let it cool down for a while in the shade or in a cool place until it returns to room temperature. Does the battery remain hot even after a longer period of time? If so, your battery may be broken and need to be replaced. Get this checked at a local dealer or battery specialist as soon as possible. 

Recharge the battery 

Especially during long drives, you may sometimes need to recharge your battery in between trips. Especially in extreme heat, it is important to let the bike battery cool down before putting it on the charger. This is because a hot battery can be damaged during charging. It is also wise not to fully charge the battery in very hot weather. 

Do you really want to be prepared and always have the certainty that if your battery overheats you can still continue cycling? Then buying and carrying a second battery is also an option.